P90X One on One (Volume 3) with Tony Horton from Beachbody

P90X One on One (Volume 1)

P90X One on One (Volume 3) with Tony Horton from Beachbody


P90X One on One – Volume 3, is the third season and contains 12 DVDs with 12 new workouts designed to keep your muscles confused by always changing things up.


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Product Description

The P90X One on One – Volume 3 Home Workout Includes:

  • DVD 1: Chest, Back & Balls
  • DVD 2: ARX2
  • DVD 3: Shoulders & Arms: MC2
  • DVD 4: Base & Back
  • DVD 5: Yoga: MC2
  • DVD 6: Plyocide
  • DVD 7: Stretch & Recovery
  • DVD 8: V Sculpt
  • DVD 9: Core Synergistics: MC2
  • DVD 10: Upper Body X
  • DVD 11: P.A.P.
  • DVD 12: Total Body X
12 Home Workout DVDs Containing 12 New & Diverse Workouts

Order the entire third and final season (Volume 3) in one box set and receive all 12 DVDs:

  • Volume 3 – DVD 1: Chest, Back & Balls
    Forget traditional push-ups and pull-ups, and load up on “oh, my lord” moves like three ball plyo push-ups. These routines are designed to give you major pump while focusing on core stabilizers.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 2: ARX2
    Engage your abs from every angle, even ones you never knew existed, with this monster sequence of core shredders. In Tony’s words, “The key is to perfect the form. And when you can’t do any more, stop.”
  • Volume 3 – DVD 3: Shoulders & Arms: MC2
    Go ahead, bring out your guns. But don’t think the rest of your body gets off easy. Do Tony’s tricep extensions on a stability ball, for example, and feel it in your hip flexors, core everything.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 4: Base & Back
    This sequence is brutal. Every single base move is a plyo move every one a mother. Works your quads, glutes, hams, and calves to show you where real power comes from…super-blasts your upper body for perfect balance.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 5: Yoga: MC2
    Yoga really is the fountain of youth. And the key to getting the most out of every movement? Focused breathing. Get ready for nuances not seen before, like lifted toes and hand placement for super intensity.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 6: Plyocide
    Even Tony was scared of this lineup. Get ready for moves that are just plain cruel, like jack-in-the-box knee tucks. Or think drills that’ll make you think twice about your coordination. This is plyo to the nth degree.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 7: Stretch & Recovery
    Squat like a frog. Meet the happy cow. And do the double-pigeon. It’s all part of Tony’s Stretch and Recovery workout. But you’ll improve your flexibility, range of motion, and ability to avoid injuries.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 8: V Sculpt
    Hello America, this is how you make that V shape happen. Tony alternates between back and biceps, torturing each group equally. From Zip Kip Iso chin ups for your back to Flip Grip Arm Curls, you’re in for a monster pump.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 9: Core Synergistics: MC2

    How can something that looks so easy make you want to friggin’ hurl? Turns out that torturous little moves like the Inchworm, X-Plank Spider Twist, and Banana Ball Crunch could leave you in a heap on the floor.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 10: Upper Body X
    It’s live and it’s real, kids. It’s hard-core resistance for your upper body with some excruciating stuff. We’re talking 3-Dog Push-Ups that go straight into 4-Ball Pike Presses and Bent-Over Circle Flys.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 11: P.A.P.
    Do all the neuromuscular coordination and elasticity warmups you can. P.A.P. activates muscles in a totally different way, priming you for explosiveness. From Lateral Lunges to Hi-speed Plyo Pushups and Doorway Stretches.
  • Volume 3 – DVD 12: Total Body X
    One downright murderous routine combining the best of P90X ONE on ONE with new stuff from P90X2. Tony takes cruelty to a new level with Crunchy Levers, 3-Ball Extravaganza, and a totally wicked version of the Mason Twist.


What is P90X One on One?

The One on One workout program was developed by Tony Horton after the success of the original P90X home workout DVD program, to be used as continuation workouts for those who have completed and graduated from the original P90X program.

Volume 3 – Third In A Series of 3

Volume 3 is the third and final season, which contains 12 DVDs with 12 new workouts designed to keep your muscles confused by always changing things up. Using Tony’s original “muscle confusion” foundation that made the original P90X program so popular, Tony introduces new workouts in which your muscles are forced to adapt to new moves all the time, so they keep growing.

Are You A P90X Grad?

The volume 3 collection gives you a year’s worth of killer routines you’ve never done before using the original P90X program or the previous P90X One on One volumes 1 and 2. These are crazy intense P90X style workouts Tony’s devised to push himself. They’re all no frills and unscripted, just you and the “man” working out in his private gym. And each is only 20 to 40 minutes long, making it easy to work them into your schedule.

Get the entire third season (Volume 3) in an exclusive DVD collector’s box. The Volume 3 Full Edition comes with 12 heart pounding exercises. All packaged in a sturdy sleeve, so it will last you for years to come.

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