Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade with Leandro Carvalho from Beachbody

Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade

Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade with Leandro Carvalho from Beachbody


Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade, now you can get the same workout Leandro has been sharing with supermodels, all in the privacy of your own home.


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Product Description

The Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade Includes:

Take Your Results To The Next Level

You’ll get three extra workouts plus more of Leandro’s secret weapons; a set of Booty Booster Ankle Weights and two additional levels of Strength Bands.

  • Rio Extreme Workout
  • Abs Rapido Workout
  • Uppercuts Workout
  • Booty Booster Ankle Weights
  • 2 Additional Strength Bands
Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade Kit Details
  • Rio Extreme Workout
    Break through exercise plateaus with this challenging workout.
    (50 min.)
  • Abs Rapido Workout
    Slim and strengthen your abs with this tummy-tightening workout.
    (10 min.)
  • Uppercuts Workout
    Incorporate kickboxing moves into your workout for sleek, sexy arms.
    (13 min.)
  • Booty Booster Ankle Weights
    Get more out of your workout by using these ankle weights to build stamina and intensify your workout.
  • 2 Additional Strength Bands
    Use the different strength bands to adjust to customize your workout to your own level. Increase your muscle endurance with the stronger band, and burn fat and sculpt lean muscle with the lighter strength band.
  • Red = Strongest Band
    Green = Medium Strength Band
    Yellow = Beginner Level Band (included in the base kit)

Watch The Brazil Butt Lift Video

What Makes Brazil Butt Lift So Effective?

Leandro Carvallo has been shaping the best butts in the business for quite so time, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to get that perfect shape!

While working with supermodels, he’s perfected the “TriAngle Training” method, which works all three major muscle groups of the buttocks. By targeting specific muscle groups, the butt can actually be shaped. No matter what “butt type” you currently have, Leandro has broken down the methods needed to achieve a personalized plan for everyone.

By combining dance, cardio and his signature lower body sculpting, you’re getting in shape, sculpting you booty and having fun all at the same time.

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