Adjustable 5 lb Ankle Weights from Beachbody

Adjustable Ankle Weights

Adjustable 5 lb Ankle Weights from Beachbody


Lift and sculpt your butt even faster. Get just the right amount of resistance to increase your calorie burn and tone your muscles without bulking you up.


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Product Description

Focus, Concentration, and Form

Many world class athletes and highly thought of coaches now find speed and agility training essential for all modern day training programs. Agility ladders are used by some of the worlds elite athletes, the agility ladder from Beachbody is an excellent piece of training equipment that will help you to improve on your focus, concentration and form, as well as, acceleration, quickness, agility and coordination.


  • Flat Rungs Perfect For Hard Surfaces
  • Highly Visible and Contrasting Colors
  • Rolls up tightly for easy storage
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