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Intense Fitness was created and inspired by a need to help people change their lives through fitness and nutrition, one day at a time. Proper nutrition and exercise will help you look and feel better …it’s not a cliché, it’s the truth!

Who We Are
Mind, body and spirit all interconnect to make you who you are! The mind and body create your spirit, your spirit needs to have a positive self image to be able to go out, have fun and do all the things you’ve been holding back from doing and missing out on. Our goal is to see people reach their full potential in life and be successful …whatever that may be?

It’s a big commitment to change the way you eat and exercise, we get it, and we’ve been there! Most people do not have the time or money for a personal trainer, but they have made the commitment to change their lives and this is where Intense Fitness comes in.

We want to be part of the process! We encourage our clients and customers to join us on Facebook and Twitter to ask questions and get inspiration from our team and other members of the Intense Fitness community.

We know the key to being successful in ANY fitness program is to be involved and to have support. In our years of research to find the best home fitness products, we also understood there was a business opportunity here.


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